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About Capital Yard Maintenance

We Keep Your Yard Beautiful and Healthy

Hey there! First off, a huge thank you for stopping by our website. I'm Jake, a recent Year 12 graduate taking a gap year before diving into an Engineering Degree at UNSW Canberra. This little business venture of mine? It's not just about lawns; it's my hands-on journey into the world of small business. What's my goal? To create a tight-knit community with my services, all while stacking up some cash for a big Aussie adventure later this year.

So, thanks again for dropping by, and I genuinely hope to see you soon


Our Promise: 

At Capital Yard Maintenance we're not about grand promises; we're about results. Our down-to-earth team brings a no-nonsense approach to lawn care. Expect a hassle-free experience, top-notch expertise, and a green space that speaks for itself. We keep it simple, effective, and tailored to what your lawn needs. No fluff, just a commitment to giving your outdoor space the care it deserves. Discover lawn care, minus the hype.


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